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Mar 2, 2023

Shaking things up, some necessary changes

A few important annoucements to broadcast;

First, after a week of shipping that could only be described as "disasterous" I have come to the conclusion that Purolater is really no better than Canada Post in almost all aspects. Moving forward, during the period of winter shipping the OIF can only offer live arrival guarantee for shipments sent with Reptile Runner. This means costs will increase but there is no other way to offer shipping in winter if packages get delayed so long that orders arrive as a block of ice. We will be looking into alternatives but our priority is making sure your order gets to you alive.

Second annoucement: the OIF will be changing websites/hosts. From the start problems have been frequent, progress building it painfully slow, and prices far too high. For a simple bug farmer such as myself navigating the current set up is out of my league so I'm changing things up. Looking at my current site it is a mess and it will be getting a major overhaul from experienced individuals who know how to put it together. An annoucement will be made when the new site is up and running

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