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OIF Policies

Shipping and Live Arrival Guarantee

We have started using a new shipping service and so all orders will be sent with Purolator unless specifically noted. Customers are able to request use of another carrier, such as Canada Post or FedEx, however costs may be greater than charged on this site and the upholding of the Live Arrival Guarantee [LAG] is at our discretion.


In the event that livestock is dead on arrival [DOA] the Ontario Invert Farm will either send you a replacement of the same species is OR a refund. The cost of shipping is not included as part of a refund and the cost of shipping replacements is to be paid by the customer. If the replacement option is chosen and that species is not available at the time a different species of same value may be chosen OR you can request to be placed on the waiting list and will be automatically at the top of the list when that species becomes available again. 


The OIF must notified within twenty-four hours of arrival of DOA stock and must send a clear pictures or video of the specimen(s). LAG does not apply to delays due to the carrier as that is out of our control

Shipping and associated items will NOT be taxed, only livestock and supplies.

Orders for destinations outside of the Ontario will only be shipped on select Mondays and for orders being sent within the province they may be sent on Tuesdays at our discretion. The Ontario Invert Farm ships Canada wide and while we will send supplies and non-living specimens internationally we do not ship live specimens outside of Canada. 


An insulated box and heat packs are required during the period of WINTER SHIPPING [OCTOBER 15th to APRIL 30th] and these costs are automatically included during that period. During REGULAR SHIPPING a heat pack or cooling pack may be required if we believe weather dictates this - the customer will be informed of the need and associated cost: if its inclusion is declined then LAG is void.

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