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Dec 2, 2022

Announcement Regarding Shipping during the Holidays

This is a quick announcement letting people know that due to the high volume of packages being sent close to the Christmas holidays that the Ontario Invert Farm usually temporarily suspends shipping the second week of December and resumes around the second week of January to avoid having live shipments stuck in limbo for days due to inevitable delays.

Since we are now using a better shipping service I don't anticipate the same delays and unpredictability that came with using Canada Post, even close to the holidays, so we will be extending the shipping season by another week this year. However, we still plan to take a break for the holidays and begin shipping again by mid-January.

Now that we are in winter shipping you will notice that costs have gone up a bit - this is to account for the cost of using an insulated box and heat packs to ensure your order reaches you in good condition.

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