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JUNE 2023 PART 1

Jun 5, 2023

Shipping Dates + Reptile Expo

The shipping days for this month are June 5th, 12th, and 27th. Additional days may be added as needed but aren't guaranteed. If you put in an order less than 36 hours before a shipping day it is likely it won't go out until the following shipping day. We will make further annoucements later fleshing out the details in relation to shipping.

Note: due to technical issues there is a strong likelyhood that we will have to use Canada Post for the next week or two. The standard shipping fee will be lowered and if an alternative carrier is requested we will attempt to make the necessary arrangements for that to happen, although delays may occur.

Second annoucement - we willl be attending the June Reptile Expo in Mississauga on June 25th at the International Center. A list of available stock will be released a little closer to the date and if anyone would like to place an order for pick up at the show we are more than happy to accomidate.

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