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Jun 27, 2024

Giant Silk Moths, Year of the Isopod, New Website, and Moving Sale

Hi everyone,

Several announcements to make before the start of July;

  1. We will be rearing several different species of giant silk moths native to Ontario, with more details on the exact species to be made starting next month. While they are in their larval form they will be available for pickup or delivery only. Once they reach their pupa stage they will then be made available for Canada wide shipping. More info to follow.

  2. This year it has been made official - 2024 is to be the Year of the Isopod. We have already expanded our selection of isopod species and varieties, and will continue to add more species in the coming months. Most species are to be offered on sale as well, so take a look and see if there's any 'pods that catch your eye!

  3. In addition to the isopods being on sale, the OIF will be moving in the coming months. This means we'll be offering much of our stock at a discount in an attempt to have less that we'll need to move. Check out our SHOP page.

  4. Finally, this website has been disordered and chaotic for a long time. There have been aspects to this site I wanted to establish but just getting the design and function done correctly has been a headache and the website designer by Wix is not user friendly. As a result we will be migrating over to a new site and hopefully things will go smoother with our new home. Annoucement will be made when that new site is up and ready to go.

Thanks for reading, hope you all are having a great summer so far!

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