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Insect Frass Fertilizer made from insect droppings from the stock raised at our own facilities. It is excellent to use on all plants, gardens, compost piles, and lawns. The OIF offers this frass in several sizes. A small amount will do well for seedlings, and a few tablespoons in older plants will help to increase growth. Half a pound should cover 50 sq ft. This all natural fertilizer is low sodium and a cold fertilizer, meaning it will not burn your plants or lawn. Our insects are only fed completely spray-free, naturally grown forrage, and of course, no pesticides are used. We use it with all our plants and have noted better growth, bigger and more blooms, and increased plant resiliance. Some studies suggest that the presence of chitin in the soil tells the plant there are insects present, and in response, the plant increases the production of defensive compounds such as the THC and other cannabinoids.

General nutrient breakdown:

7 - 4 - 3


  • Due to the frass from several species from different taxonomic Orders, which feed on different hosts and being combined there is no guarantee on the levels of nutrients present in this fertilizer. This is merely being offered as a general 'plant booster,' and as slow release source of micro-nutrients in addition to the major three. An estimated nutritional value is given but not guaranteed.

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