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(Porcellio laevis var.'Orange')

This is the completely orange morph of the same Porcellio species that has the morph DAIRY COW, and just like it this variety is very hardy, adaptable, and breeds well. This qualities make it another excellent choice for a cleanup crew or member of a bioactive enclosure, however like Dairy Cow it probably isn't ideal for a planted tank or one with sensitive inhabitants.


C$15.00 Regular Price
C$13.50Sale Price
  • The '+' after the lot size indicates the number stated is the minimum number you'll be receiving. The count does NOT include manca (newly birthed isopods, still white in colour), although it may be mostly juvenile animals which comprise the count.

  • All lots sold come as groups of a mixed age juveniles, possibly an adult or two. The reason for the high proportion of juvenile animals is to ensure you're being sent animals with lots of life ahead of them, rather than adults who may die of old age shortly after reaching you. We find that younger isopods are more adaptable and tend to adjust to their new homes better.

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