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(Armadillidium vulgare T+ albino)

The "T+" prefix on this isopod means Tyrosinase-Positive, which means these albinos, "display an inability to complete the synthesis of melanin but can produce other melanin related pigments such as various shades of brown, grey, or red."

In other words, in the same way that albino reptiles sometimes display yellow, purple, and other colours, these isopods are similar and can produce some level of pigment, in this case yellow. This makes these albinos display a beautiful golden colouration.

Moderately fast breeders and growers once established, this species is also very hardy and tolerate a range of conditions.


  • All lots sold come as groups of a mixed age juveniles, possibly an adult or two. The reason for the high proportion of juvenile animals is to ensure you're being sent animals with lots of life ahead of them, rather than adults who may die of old age shortly after reaching you. We find that younger isopods are more adaptable and tend to adjust to their new homes better as well.

  • The '+' after the lot size indicates the number stated is the minimum number you'll be receiving. The count does NOT include manca (newly birthed isopods, still white in colour), any in the group you receive are just bonus. Juvenile animals may which comprise a majority the count - see "LOT COMPOSITION" as to why we favour sending younger animals.

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