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(Bombyx mori)

The varieties offered by the OIF are all from European bloodlines, which means we offer unique breeds not found elsewhere in Canada or the US. It also means stronger, more disease-resistant silkworms.

During the growing season, our silkworms are raised on fresh mulberry leaves (grown without the use of sprays or artificial fertilizers), which also equates to healthier and more robust stock.


  • If purchasing any silkworms in the larval stage and not using them within a few days, you will require a source of fresh mulberry leaves to feed them. This is since once they start eating fresh leaves, switching them back to the artificial diet is rarely successful. We start our silkworms on an artificial diet but do not keep them on it past their first instar

    Mulberry can be purchased in the supplies section of iur shop

  • Eggs from the 2023 brood of silkworm varieties are now available for sale. These eggs will require a minimum of 8 weeks of diapause before hatching. Once this initial diapause period is done, eggs will be considered viable, and this note will be removed.

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