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(Pycnoscelus surinamensis)


This is an OIF classic and was one of the first bugs we offered for sale. These soft-bodied insects make a great addition to the diet of many captive animals and are easily one of the lowest maintenance feeder insects out there. This is of the handful of roach species that can be legally used as feeders in Canada and don't require a permit to possess or propagate. ⅚


While they are a greenhouse nuisance, this roach is not adapted to living in Canadian homes, and because of their biology they won't become pantry pests. As a burrowing species, they spend most of their time in the soil and have very poor water retention - individuals who can not get back to soil quickly die from dessication.


Care sheet available with purchase. Ij


  • All cultures come as a mix of adults and nymphs of ALL stages. We DO NOT sell lots of entirely adults or one particular sized nymph

    Note that this species is capable of climbing smooth surfaces. It is NOT capable of flight

    The "+" next to the lot size indicates there will likely be an overcount, the lot size is the guaranteed minimum in your order

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