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Tropical Pink Springtails

(Sinella curviseta)


Our go to "utility" springtail: this species thrives whether in a humid tropical terrarium or in a drier temperate set up, is suitable as both a clean up crew or feeder, and reproduces fast.


Adults are just slightly smaller than pinheads which makes them decent feeder items for tiny arachnids such as slings, as well as hatchling herptiles and smaller species such as dart frogs. This species does great dealing with animal waste and leaf litter but if you want to really see the numbers boom then add a supplimental food and a population boom ensues not long after.

Dispite its name this species is a very subtle pink that's not always apparent unless viewed under a microscope.


  • Starters are typically sold in a 5oz containers and have 50+ springtails of the advertised species. Cultures are usually sold in 16oz containers and will contain 200 to 250+ springtails.

  • If charcoal cultures are desired and your order is to be shipped, please note that while we can ship them that there is NO LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEE on shipped charcoal cultures. This does not apply to pick up or delivery.

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